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rena. eighteen. the middle of nowhere.

i like a lot of things, but i'm bad at keeping up with fandoms. fair warning: i'm bad a tagging things. i think shipping wars are obnoxious. if we have even the smallest thing in common, i will probably like you.

 blaming it on sorcery



what if the bumps around your nipples were actually braille and everyone had a different message like fortune cookies 

101% done with this site

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‘Miranda’ 3x01

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stopping in the middle of a video game and coming back to play it after a long time


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Show me the stars.

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Best. Moment. Ever.

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SPOILER ALERT! There will be a brief but definitely spoilerish filming rumor below the break-

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When the universe tells Amelia Pond she can’t keep Rory Williams, Amelia Pond tells the universe to go hang.

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Merlin trailer

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